Every Clinton Investment Management, LLC portfolio is managed as a separate account and is customized to reflect and meet the unique investment requirements of the specific client, and actively managed to take advantage of any emerging investment opportunities in the market that best fit the client’s needs. In creating each portfolio, we take into account, among other factors, the client’s cash flow needs, their tax status and sensitivities, their risk tolerance, and any quality constraints relating to individual securities. The end result is an investment solution that is ideally suited to clients with upwards of $1 million to invest in tax-exempt securities.
Clinton Investment Management offers a range of tax-exempt fixed income investment strategies. All are actively managed, research-driven and guided by a clear and disciplined investment process. We want investors to understand the objectives and process of each Clinton Investment Management strategy and have confidence that our managers will adhere closely to its parameters.
We believe in sticking to time-proven principles, performing meticulous research, investing in quality, and investing for the long term.

Customized, Active Investment Management

Investment Management