Delivering Cost-Effective Professional Management

Knowledge is power—but in the highly fragmented municipal bond market, it is virtually impossible for non-professional investors to access full knowledge of bond prices, issue availability, and investment costs.
As a specialist in the management of municipal bonds, CIM has state-of-the-art access to market information. In addition, the depth of our experience in municipal bond investing uniquely equips us to interpret the available market information more effectively and efficiently in order to quickly identify and exploit any anomalies or inefficiencies that can benefit our clients.
We deliver our investment management capabilities to clients in a very cost-effective way. Our fees are not only very competitive when compared with the universe of active managers, but are significantly less than the “true” costs often incurred by investors who trade and manage their own bond portfolios. Market research has shown that, in many cases, these “true” costs—which include the often undisclosed mark-up or mark-down on the bond price—can be many multiples of what investors believe they are paying.

Professional Management