Our Firm

We are here to change how individuals and institutions view municipal bond investing.

Municipal bond investing is dominated by conventional thinking and passive strategies that assume protection and performance are mutually exclusive.

By bringing a truly active approach to the municipal market, CIM is a firm on a mission to change the way investors regard this vital aspect of their portfolio. We go further than our peers to better uncover, evaluate and execute on opportunities in a space that requires dynamic management to generate strong relative results.

Driven by a disciplined research methodology and a multilateral tactical process that powers our core strategies, we are a team of proven professionals unique in our ability to produce significant value with the goal to avoid undue risk to capital.

With a firm commitment to both our process and our partners, we provide a truly differentiated and tailored municipal investment experience built on unparalleled strategic alignment and the pursuit of superior performance—offering an enduring sense of confidence for those we serve.

The CIM Perspective

Clients at the Core

Our core value at CIM is total client focus. We are accessible and accountable, with the interest of the firm and the client fully aligned when building and optimizing each individual portfolio and strategy.

Agile & Independent

Nimble in operations, independent in approach and powered by a home-grown process, our sole mandate is protecting and growing the capital of the individuals and institutions we serve.

Built for Performance

Our strategies do not settle for matching expected returns. We strive for superior performance by constantly innovating and setting the standard for what municipals offer to those seeking more from fixed income.