Tax Efficiency In An Election Year

Tax Efficiency In An Election Year

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05-03-2024 – CIM Webcast

Clinton Investment Management, CEO and founder Andrew Clinton joined the RIA Channel’s Keith Black to discuss tax efficiency in an election year. Andrew shares CIM’s outlook on interest rates and munis, amid elevated market uncertainty providing insight on the current absolute yield environment as well as the unique value proposition CIM seeks to deliver to its clients going forward.

02-13-2024 – Market Commentary

The reinvestment rate risk and opportunity cost associated with cash and cash equivalent investments, can be extremely high if one is sub-optimally positioned.

01-16-2024 – Market Commentary

In November fixed income markets and municipal bonds in particular experienced the best monthly return since 1982. Clinton Investment Management’s Market Duration and Municipal Credit Opportunities strategies enjoyed their best monthly performance in our firm’s history. Positive bond market momentum has carried into December as well.

11-01-2023 – Market Commentary

Fixed income investors able to take advantage of the opportunities that persist today, are likely to be well compensated for their courage and patience as economic outcomes unfold in the months and years ahead.

09-12-2023 – News & Press Releases

New York City Mayor Eric Adams says the migrant crisis “will destroy” the city. Not so, say credit analysts and bondholders.

09-11-2023 – Market Commentary

Extending duration to lock in higher yields, while implementing a barbell position as it relates to one’s duration exposure, is optimal in our view.

09-05-2023 – Podcasts

Clinton Investment Management, CEO and founder Andrew Clinton joined Bloomberg Intelligence’s Eric Kazatsky and Karen Altamirano on the FICC Focus weekly podcast on fixed income, credit, currencies, and commodities.

07-18-2023 – Market Commentary

Over the last 8 Fed rate hiking cycles, the average return of the 10-year Treasury bond, over the 12 months following a Fed pause is +18.00%, while the average return of the 30-year Treasury Bond is +28% over the same time period.

06-06-2023 – Market Commentary

Given recent events, we thought it would be helpful to provide a brief update regarding current economic and market conditions and offer insight regarding rising risks and opportunities given the outlook for the rest of the year.