Our Process:
Dynamic Over Time

The CIM process is a time-tested approach that combines a consistent philosophical mindset with dynamic investing in an effort to generate maximum total return for clients across market cycles.

Our Philosophical Foundation

Our investment philosophy is built on deep institutional research, driven by tactical flexibility and focused on capitalizing on opportunities while vigilantly protecting the portfolios for those we serve.

  • Collaborative, Team-Based Best Idea Investment Approach
  • Seek Highly Vetted Stable to Improving Issuers & Investments to Maximize Yield
  • Prioritize Value Creation Beyond Both Peers & Benchmarks
  • Reduce Volatility & Engage In Reinvestment When Appropriate

Decision Criteria:
A Tactical Approach

We utilize a unique decision-making process to determine where the best value proposition is, actively pursue it and express this value in client portfolios. This is underpinned by three key criteria sets which represent the core of our strategies.


Our portfolio positioning is based on our view of the future direction of interest rates. This is done through a methodical, yet dynamic approach centered on:

  • Taking full advantage of market inefficiencies we actively identify along the yield curve
  • Overweighting/underweighting areas our research identifies as most attractive/unattractive on a relative basis
  • Seeking investment opportunities through surveillance of the value the tax-exempt sector offers relative to other fixed income alternatives

Sector Allocation

When we determine the optimal yield curve positions, we aim to further enhance client returns through tactical sector allocation. This includes but is not limited to:

  • General Obligation
  • Essential Services
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • State Diversification

Security Selection

We research and review the underlying credit quality of not only individual credits we currently hold, but we also assess those we may prospectively seek to buy. Security selection at Clinton is differentiated by:

  • Our unique and multi-dimensional application of quantitative analysis
  • The ability to navigate and tactically operate within a highly fragmented marketplace
  • The skill to identify lower-grade yet high-quality opportunities for value maximization
  • The capacity to uncover and exploit structural mispricing that exist in individual securities

Our Partners

We are committed to every partner we serve, basing each investment relationship on individually tailored strategies that are guided by your unique circumstances and objectives.

Individual Investors

Expect a range of investment strategies, sound advice and a highly collaborative experience. Whether you are seasoned and hands-on, or prefer delegated planning and execution, we serve as both a responsive and creative partner who understands that willingness to listen and consult with clarity can be just as important as investment acumen.

  • Accessible & Attentive
  • Collaborative In Approach

Financial Advisors

Innovative and supportive, we understand the distinct needs of advisor practices. We offer a range of clearly defined investment strategies that help satisfy needs, along with an array of services designed to help support your clients and build your business.

  • Quarterly performance reviews & strategy review calls
  • Business development support, including analytics and proposals

Institutional Investors

We support and acknowledge our institutional partners need to develop a deep understanding of our investment strategies and their ability to generate future returns. We are committed to providing high transparency combined with a client service model capable of meeting your expectation for communication, risk management and client reporting.

  • Defining optimal strategies & evaluating risk to management costs
  • Creativity in identifying opportunities to meet your objectives
  • Unmatched, meticulous attention to detail

Active Management

Our active approach coupled with our specialized focus on municipal bond portfolios allows us to deliver true value to client portfolios. With active management, we’re able to identify and take advantage of unseen inefficiencies in varied market environments through active trading and reinvestment to generate consistent yields for our clients with the goal to maximize their investment.

All Market Investment Strategy

Cost Effective Solution


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